I'll Lend You My Daddy

by Becky King

I'll Lend You My Daddy

by Becky King

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A Military Deployment Book for Kids
| Age Level: 4 – 8 years old | Grades: Pre-K-3rd Grade
A Read-Together 32-page, Illustrated, Rhyming Picture Book
Reading Level: H-L | Lexile: 500L – 600L | DRA: 14-20

Readers’ Favorite 5-star Review ★★★★★ 

2020 Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

2020 Military Writers of America Gold Medalist

A heartwarming story of love, courage, and comfort during deployment for military families with the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

In I’ll Lend You My Daddy, young boys and girls find ways to manage feelings about deployment (from goodbyes, to the first night, to missed birthdays) as they eagerly await their fathers’ return. Through the support of family and friends, care packages and calls, these children grow strong with the knowledge of what it means to serve, generating pride from within, that makes glorious reunions all the more sweet by book’s end.

I’ll lend you my daddy.
He works for us all.
He keeps the world safe
And answers our call.

  • Makes a wonderful book for discussion with military children who have difficulties sorting through emotions such as sadness, fear, or separation anxiety
  • Provides a source of connection for children with deployed family members to the greater universe of families who go through a similar experience
  • Reflects children from diverse families with touching illustrations from the talented Valerie Valdivia in a 32-page full-color picture book format
  • An ideal gift for families with young children, preparing for deployment and during deployment
  • A valuable tool for teachers and educators to encourage appreciation for our nation’s armed forces and also for the children of those families who make sacrifices every day of the year, including birthdays, Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, and Memorial Day, and other holidays of remembrance and appreciation
  • The simple rhyming verse makes for an excellent read-aloud or read-together that is sure to please young listeners and readers

Written by Becky King, mother to a 7-year-old son named Benson when her husband was first deployed to Afghanistan. King hopes the book will give voice to the many children who experience what Benson experienced in a way that will resonate and transform feelings of separation and sadness into feelings of love, courage, resilience, and pride. [Read more about Becky]

What readers are saying…

“I’ll Lend You My Daddy, written by Becky King and illustrated by Valerie Valdivia, is an exceptional book that addresses military deployment from the point of view of the child whose loved one is absent. Suitable for young children—and fun to read for grown-ups—the book explores activities that the service member is missing (birthdays, holidays, school plays), activities the child can engage in (letter writing, care packages, phone conversations), emotions the child is experiencing (sadness, longing, pride, joy) while also representing the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps.

The rhyming text presents a simple meter that is easy and fun to read, with rhyme schemes that fit the age level of the child. Illustrations are appealing, eye-catching, and detailed enough to allow the child to make discoveries along the way. Words and illustrations are laid out on the page so that they flow from one thought to the next.

While this book is a must-read for young children experiencing the deployment of a parent, it would also make a great read-aloud selection for all young school children to build appreciation for the sacrifices made by military families. It would be a great addition to every school library.” – Betsy Beard, Military Writers Society of America

“Ages 4-8 will be intrigued by the picture book story of a father’s deployment in I’ll Lend You My Daddy, which holds colorful drawings by artist Valerie Valdivia that bring to life the experiences of military children whose enlisted parents ‘”work for us all.'”

Patriotic pictures of Air Force fathers, Navy fathers, Marines and Army, and other military personnel, with their families supporting their efforts, pepper a warm story of children who ‘lend their daddies’ to their countries.

There are very, very few books written from the perspective of military children that acknowledge the underlying sentiment behind a military parent’s service (and absence). I’ll Lend You My Daddy does so with a grace and positive perspective that lends to its value for military families, substituting the usual discussions of loss and loneliness with those of pride and contribution to a cause.

The tone of encouragement throughout acknowledges these kids’ emotions using a gentle rhyme as it illustrates different families of all ethnic backgrounds who are preparing for a parent’s absence: I’ll lend you my daddy./He serves us, you see./He’s going away,/But he’ll come back to me.

I’ll Lend You My Daddy creates a dance between patriotism, loss, and achievement that Becky King performs well as she acknowledges a small child’s sad feelings, yet injects a tone of encouragement: I’ll lend you my daddy,/He’s ready to go./I’ll try to be brave,/But I’ll sure miss him so.

No military family with small children, or collections catering to them, should be without this unique, bright, encouraging picture book that emphasizes pride, reunion, sacrifice, and duty.” –Diane Donovan, Midwest Reviews

I’ll Lend You My Daddy is tailor-made for children of fathers in the military, but it could also be used for children of military mothers. Additionally, it would be wonderful for young nieces and nephews, or friends and classmates of children whose parents are serving our country. This story is told in the voices of children who are experiencing the sacrifice of a father serving our country. They point out how much they miss their fathers, but they focus on activities such as soccer and school plays. They also show how they stay in touch with Internet communication, sending drawings and even a piece of birthday cake. In the children’s book, I’ll Lend You My Daddy, written by Becky King and illustrated by Valerie Valdivia, a realistic and poignant portrayal of the sacrifices made by military families is depicted.

A great feature of this book is the inclusion of every branch of the armed forces as well as different races and cultures present in the military. The detailed illustrations are beautiful; these drawings will fascinate young children for hours. This book will be a useful tool for parents to discuss the challenges of being a military family, and it will help children to cope with not having a parent at home for long periods of time. Author Becky King has crafted an exceptional children’s book that will be a great addition to many children’s libraries in I’ll Lend You My Daddy. A perfect gift for youngsters in special families!” – Readers’ Favorite, 5-star Review ★★★★★